Teleworking / Telecommuting Survey

Many organizations have found Teleworking / Telecommuting to be a valuable productivity practice for their bottom line. Many employees have found Teleworking / Telecommuting to have tremendous benefits over working from a central office especially in todays' high cost of transportation. Productivity increases by no interruptions in workflow caused by inclimate weather or an employee having a simple illness such as a cold but still able to work, just not amongst an office full of people. This survey is designed to gain and share perspectives on how Teleworking / Telecommuting has been implemented in organizations and how the program has served both the employee and the employer. This survey also serves to provide those who are considering Teleworking / Telecommuting programs within their organization a bit of insight on what to do and what not to do to ensure they have a successful rollout. Finally this survey will provide those who already have a Teleworking / Telecommuting program in place some ideas on how to make theirs an even better one.